Continents of the World
The World of Tyrrisel is broken up into two primary continents. Carranis and Murastia

The Jade Empire, also called the “Far Shores” by those in Karillon, is on the far western end of the continent, to the west of both the World Spine Mountains and Tum En’ithil.
The Karangul Swamp is part of the southern border of Karillon.
Karillon is the main kingdom of the campaign, and the location all the Pcs are from (for at least the last 40 years or so, long-lived races may have coem from somewhere else originally).
The Murasti Empire is the principle antagonist. The primary entity from the continent of Murastia, they are a warrior empire bent on the destruction of Karillon.
Tum En’ithil is an ancient forest just west of the World Spine Mountains, before reaching The Jade Empire.
The World Spine Mountains are not a kingdom per se, but a loosely collected series of Dwarven city-states called Clan Holds.

There are a few Pantheons in play..
The Sovereign Host is a group of deities collectively representing the entire world, but focusing on aspects of civilization—community, the protection of the weak, the slaying of wild beasts, fertility, construction, and the like. The Sovereign Host is the most widely worshiped body in Karillon and in The Jade Empire, although oddly by different names in each.
The Stone Lords are the patron deities of the Dwarves, and are revered above all others in the World Spine Mountains
In The Murasti Empire, The Dark Lineage is worshiped.
The deities of monstrous races are often grouped together informally in what is called The Savage Court
The Seldarine is the name of the Pantheon belonging to the Lords of the Feywild, and are the gods of the Eldarin, Elves, and Gnomes.

Dwarves live both in Karillon and in the World Spine Mountains to the west.
Elves are found in the ancient forest of Tum En’ithil, and during the night hours so are their Eladrin cousins.
Genasi are found in sparse numbers living in every civilization in Carranis.
Gnomes are found in small settlements within Karillon, along the border of Karangul Swamp, and in the Tum En’ithil Forest.
Hengeyokai are primarily only found in The Jade Empire
Humans are the primary race of Karillon and The Jade Empire, although there are physical differences between to two. Another breed of Humans also lives in the Crescent City surroundings of Karangul Swamp.
Kudra are a breed of elves that live solely in Karangul Swamp.
Orcs and Half Orcs live in the southern tip of Karillon, where it borders the
Karangul Swamp to the south.

At the start of the existence, not all the pieces of Creation were used to form Tyrrisel. Some small pieces of the energy of Creation were left. This material is known as Athadan. Athadan is a metal… mostly… although as it is equal parts, physical, eldritch, and “something else”, it does not react specifically as you would expect metal to. Only the most powerful of Arcanists and Runesmiths have the skill to turn Athadan into magical items, but those that can produce the most stunning artifacts from it.


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